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The Nuts Warehouse

It all started from a passion, a desire to embark on the journey of healthy living. As I was slowly overcome by busy schedules and feeling the effects of aging, I realised that I can no longer be oblivious to my health, and I needed to start taking action on my intake of food. 

As an asian, I love my delicious meals from hawker food and fancy restaurants. However, it is getting increasingly harder to pursue a healthy intake of nutritious food. Facing this very real problem, I began researching on the benefits of superfoods such as nuts, dried fruits and seeds. Convinced that these foods will truly benefit everyone in their daily hustle, I started The Nuts Warehouse in February 2016.

I started bringing in all varieties of nuts, seeds and dried fruits of high nutritional value, curating the perfect snacks for your busy lifestyle.

At The Nuts Warehouse, we’re passionate to share as much as we can with you to start your own journey to healthy living.  Feel free to contact us and if you’d like to sample the huge spread of nuts, dried fruits and seeds, head towards our store at Vibes@EastCoast. We would love to meet you! Please call to book your sampling experience at +65 9117 8927.

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